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Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

Golf is a lifelong sport, requiring players to constantly tweak and improve their play. Spending time on Hilton Head is perfect for developing your game. Few places offer the diversity and challenges you will find on Hilton Head Island and courses nearby. This is the perfect place to take your game to the next level.

Start with Instruction

Everyone has a baseline starting point. New and seasoned players both benefit from professional instruction. Newer players benefit from learning correct techniques, improving their enjoyment, and minimizing their frustration with this challenging game. Experienced players can benefit from instruction and hard work to make subtle changes that ultimately shave a few strokes off their average.

Each Hilton Head course has professional golfers on staff and instruction available. Take a few lessons and make it a regular thing when you find an instructor that is really breaking through and making improvements.

Make the most of each lesson by taking notes. Focus on a few basic things and repeat until they become habitual. The fundamentals and streamlined techniques can be game changers in the long run.

Practice Makes Perfect

Instruction is great but you want to put those lessons to effective use. Hit the driving range, work on your short game and practice whenever possible. Sometimes, practice means playing through 9-holes or even 18-holes while testing new techniques. Accept these sessions as practice and focus on form and development over scores.

Make practice sessions a habit to build your skills over time. It can mean hitting a couple dozen puts each evening or chipping away at targets for a few hours each week. Acknowledge the weak spots in your game and work hard to improve in those specific areas.

Work through Your Form at Home

Playing on the course is not always possible or convenient. That doesn’t mean you can’t spend a few minutes or even hours doing work at home. Your RV living room or patio space is fine for working on your swing.

Ever heard of shadow boxing? Boxers visualize their opponent and work through positions, footwork and punching techniques while striking the air. Golfers can do the same. Practice your swing inside (without a club) and visualize the tee, ball, and the runway. Build the course in your mind and see the details while hitting the ball to the desired location.

Head outside and take your club this time. Use the same process but swing with the club in a safe area. Work through the drive, chip shots and puts without using a live ball. Focus on form and technique.

If possible, set up a net and hit practice (whiffle style) balls. These balls don’t travel far and are made of plastic, making them safe to use off the course. They are great when you want to hit a few balls from home or when you are out.

The Mental Game is Key

Golf is technical but the mental aspect is huge. Every golfer will experience ups and downs based on their ability to focus and perform. Build a mental strategy to clear your head and get in a good groove on the course.

This process looks a little different for everyone. You might focus on simply having fun and staying loose to help your mental game. Many players have routines, good luck charms and other means of finding their stroke in competitive environments.

Push Yourself in New Environments

Playing the same course every day is great, but your game only stands to improve with variety. Mix up the courses, solve new problems and push yourself to improve. Playing with a variety of different partners and individuals is always a good idea as well.

Find other folks who are working to improve their game and feed off the positive energy in the group. Learn from each other and take it one swing at a time. You can only control the present and your game will benefit from focusing on each shot rather than looking too far ahead.