kitchen shelf with tea pot and other dishes

Kitchen Essentials for Fulltime RVers

Most home kitchens are filled with gadgets and pots and pans fill the cupboards. RVers are limited on space and simplifying the kitchen is essential. Creating delicious and healthy meals require little in the way of equipment and a streamlined kitchen makes it easy to find everything, cook and clean up.

Simplify Your Knife Selection and Utensils

You only need a few sharp knives. A bread knife, chef’s knife, filet knife and a small paring knife will cover all food preparation needs. Throw in a few steak knives and you’re all set.

Keep a sharpening stone and honing blade for easy sharpening. Well maintained knifes are safer and more efficient in the kitchen.

Things to Keep Handy

Measuring cups are, especially for bakers. They ensure precision when following recipes and don’t require much space. Nesting style measuring devices are especially convenient for your smaller kitchens.

A good meat thermometer is useful for barbecuing and baking, taking almost no space. You will hit the exact temperature desired whether roasting a chicken or finishing off a seared steak in the oven.

Basic pots and pans including saucepans and lids for pasta, soups and stews, sauté pans to stir fry and sear, nonstick frying pan for eggs and other delicate foods, baking pans and casserole dishes if you have an oven or microwave safe versions.

Think About Your Cooking Style

Your cooking style will certainly influence items in the kitchen. A simple approach to baking, pan frying, and barbecuing meals is ideal and it limits the clutter. Specialized items may be included if they are something you will use. If it doesn’t get used more than once a month, it won’t be missed.

Appliances to Consider

There are a few fun appliances worth considering in your RV kitchen. Again, only get them if you will use them. Otherwise, they are just taking up space. These items can however contribute to mouthwatering meals when used.

Instant Pot or Crock Pot – Either of these is a solid addition to an RV kitchen. The instant pot can do everything and it’s a wonderful way to reach perfect temperatures on steaks or slow cook stews and chili. A traditional crockpot is perfect for folks who really enjoy the slow cooked flavors of stews, soups, pulled pork and plenty more.

Air Fryer – These are extremely popular for the convenience and ability to cook anything. Personally, I prefer a simple frying pan, but many people swear by the air fryer. The lack of grease makes for easier cleaning and potentially healthier eating as well.

Blender – My first RV trip through Mexico and Central America had me wishing for a blender to utilize all the fresh fruits. I grabbed a compact Ninja style blender when I returned home, and it gets a surprising amount of use in my camper. It makes everything from smoothies to salad dressings and really isn’t a power hog when used on the pulse setting.

Cooking Outdoors

RV life pairs well with outdoor cooking and a portable grill is almost mandatory for most travelers. Grilling meats and vegetables while enjoying a nice evening breeze on Hilton Head is wonderful. A small, portable charcoal grill can do a surprising amount of grilling in an evening. Gas grills are also super convenient and plenty of portable options exist that are perfect for travelers.