Why RVers Fall in Love with South Carolina

The beautiful state of South Carolina is loaded with opportunities for RVers and tourists in general. The real advantage for RV travelers here is the short distances between so many things to do. Driving an hour or only a few hours will reveal transitions in the landscape while leading travelers to some seriously amazing places. The most difficult thing here is leaving because more time is almost always desired at a few of these great stops.

Pristine Beaches

The beaches in South Carolina take new visitors by surprise. The long, white sand waterfront zones are more like something from the Caribbean than the Atlantic. While the water is cold, swimming is still great during the hot summer months. The city of Myrtle Beach is popular for shopping, dining and the long beaches with public access.

Hilton Head Island is also a favorite beach destination with fewer people than the busy Myrtle Beach zone. If playing in the sand and lounging on beautiful beaches is appealing, South Carolina is a great place to visit. The beaches are all public but access is not always possible. If you are willing to use public access and walkways, finding complete oceanfront solitude is a real possibility.

Hilton Head Island

This low country destination has it all. Beaches, wild spaces, bike and walking trails, world class golf courses, great food and a mellow vibe. The diverse range of opportunities makes it appealing for everyone and especially for groups wanting different experiences. More than 30 golf courses with some of the best and most treasured in the country makes it a dream destination for serious and amateur golfers. It remains beginner friendly with plenty of opportunity to learn as well.

Wild Mountains and Parks

The landscape is constantly changing in South Carolina. You can walk the coastal beaches, traverse through lowland oak forests, or climb and hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Access to these opportunities is ample with state and national parks. Huntington Beach is a local favorite for bird watching. Finding rare species in the Pickney Island National Wildlife Refuge on Hilton Head Island is not uncommon either.

For a higher view, head to Table Rock State Park in the northwest region where the Blue Ridge Mountains are located. Hikers can peak bag at Pinnacle Mountain or Table Rock Mountain. Plenty of trails are available and maintained to help navigate through beautiful forests with streams, wildlife, and stunning mountain views. Caesars Head State Park sits in the same region and even offers a big overlook of Table Rock. Hike to Raven Cliff Falls from this trailhead and bring swim trunks or a fishing pole to take advantage of the water rich resources here.

Southern Plantations

The plantations are fantastic for visitors who love history, gardens and southern culture. Thousands of plantations are still operating but a few are very popular and for good reason. The Boone Hall Plantation remains as a working farm and the Drayton House is completely original, making it the oldest unrestored home on a plantation in the country. This same property has nearly a mile of oak trees in the Avenue of Oaks as well.

The Magnolia Plantation is another to consider with incredible gardens that are open to the public. The big, romantic style of planting is beautiful and well worth the stop. Middleton Place plantation is similar with impressive gardens that are fabulous to visit and walk. Outside of the plantation specific gardens, the Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden is a fun one to see. The gardener had no experience and crafted the plants with a handsaw. To everyone’s surprise, they thrived, and the garden has a funky art appeal, making for a unique visit on trips.

South Carolina truly is loaded with great places to visit and incredible options for adventure. On Hilton Head Island, you can stay in complete comfort within walking distance of the beach and several top tier golf courses. It is easy to see why so many choose to visit beautiful South Carolina!