Hilton Head Island is for Bike Lovers and Here’s Why

Hilton Head Island is for Bike Lovers and Here’s Why

Hilton Head Island is made for biking and cycling and is actually recognized as one of only 21 Gold Level Bike Friendly communities in the United States. The entire island is connected by biking routes with over 100 miles of trails to explore. The trails systems are mapped out by the local chamber of commerce and the local bike rental services can also help guide you into some great rides. The beach routes are popular but pathways meander around the entire island, connecting cyclists to the larger community.

Bike Rentals

Renting is a great option for folks visiting who just don’t have space to pack along a bicycle. Some motorhome visitors will have their own bikes but families and other folks flying into the area are less likely to come prepared. Many visitors arrive without realizing the extensive biking opportunities and renting a bike quickly becomes a great option for those wanting to ride around and explore. Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort even offers on site delivery for bike rentals to make this task super easy.

Biking the Beach Routes

Hitting the beach doesn’t often appeal to biking enthusiasts but the Hilton Head Beaches are ideal for riding. Use one of the public access points off Ocean Lane Drive and take a stroll right along the water. Try waiting for low tide and ride along the packed sand that is condensed by the water. You can usually see the tide lines and quickly determine where the sand is soft vs hard. Don’t work too hard when riding the beaches. Slow and steady often wins the race. Too much speed and pressure can cause occasional sinking so take your time and cruise at a leisurely pace. A casual evening ride on the beach is hard to beat.

Hit the Pavement

Hilton Head Island has several hundred miles of pathways that connect the communities, parks and public spaces. Many of these pathways are made specifically for walkers and cyclists to safely navigate the island. It’s a very convenient means of traveling short or long distances depending on your skill and endurance levels. Take a short, scenic stroll to enjoy the sights or cover the entire island in a day or two if you’re an avid cyclist. Roughly 2,000,000 people visit Hilton Head each year with a variety of interests. A large number of those folks bring or rent bicycles for the pure convenience and pleasure offered by the easy to access pathways. Riding many of the main roads is also normal and safe when following traffic laws.

Favorite Routes

There are tons of different routes to ponder, including the beach option mentioned earlier. Another great ride goes to Shelter Cove Harbour and Marina via the pathway along Queens Folly Road. Shelter Cove is a hot spot for entertainment and it has great bike parking with racks available. You can ride a jet pack, walk around, do some shopping and enjoy the marina. You will also find fishing charters, dolphin tours and sunset cruises leaving from the area. Ride a bike to the marina, do some recreating and ride home or continue along the pathways.

Shelter Cove has a pathway kiosk with maps and information about different routes. You will find these kiosks scattered along the parkways to help you navigate and determine the best routes for each ride. It’s a good starting point if you want to go explore the low country. The William Hilton Parkway is the perfect next move from Shelter Cove as well. The pathway runs through a wonderful, forested section that offers shade and wonderful scenery during the day. The live oak on Beach City Road is another great wooded type area to ride or you can connect to Coastal Discovery Museum and Honey Horn Park. The park and museum is a great route for families wanting to make a few longer stops for lunch and educational experiences along the pathway system.

A Bike Friendly Community

Cyclists are all welcome on Hilton Head and it’s the preferred method of local travel for many visitors. The community is constantly evolving and developing new routes and safety measures to maintain one of the most friendly bike communities in the country. It’s one of only two areas with Gold Level Bike Friendly Status in the east, making it a unique and exciting place to visit for cycling enthusiasts.