Boating and Paddling Around Hilton Head


Hilton Head Island is loaded with inland and offshore boating opportunities. You can easily take a slow pace kayak trip on calm waters or brave the ocean currents to reach offshore fishing hot spots. Boating and cruising is a big part of the culture on Hilton Head and you can find a large number of […]

Discover the Best Fishing Opportunities on Hilton Head Island

white boat by dock on ocean

Hilton Head Island is world renowned for golfing, but the fishing is often world class and largely overshadowed by the golf courses, beaches and multitude of attractions. It is worth exploring the local fisheries however because the region is loaded with freshwater and saltwater sportfishing. A large variety of species combined with great access makes […]

Traveling on Hilton Head with Pets

woman and dog jogging on beach

Traveling with your furry friends always makes the journey more rewarding. Dogs and cats are the most common RV travel companions, and they are surprisingly easy to manage on the road and at welcoming RV parks. The Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort is pet friendly and even offers some amazing space and amenities specifically for […]