woman and dog jogging on beach

Traveling on Hilton Head with Pets

Traveling with your furry friends always makes the journey more rewarding. Dogs and cats are the most common RV travel companions, and they are surprisingly easy to manage on the road and at welcoming RV parks. The Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort is pet friendly and even offers some amazing space and amenities specifically for pets. Bring along your best friend and enjoy the best of Hilton Head Island together.

Training and Managing Pets

Before jumping into RV life with a pet, acclimating and training is imperative. Your neighbors will appreciate a well-behaved pet that is quiet and respectful. Training is not difficult with many pets and cats are surprisingly easy to acclimate. Dogs are easier trained as puppies, but adult dogs are also calmer and more likely to enjoy lounging in the shade.

Train your pets by some trial living in the motorcoach at your own home if possible. This is a familiar and comfortable environment, and they will quickly associate the RV with home. Do short trips and introduce them to beds, outdoor kennels, and tethers. Creating a routine and using a consistent feeding area will also help the cause.

The real key to happy pets is plenty of exercise. Luckily, Hilton Head Island is loaded with pet friendly trails and places to exercise and explore. Keep your pets active and happy and they will quickly adapt to the RV lifestyle. Comfort is another point of concern. RV’s equipped with air conditioning are ideal for the hot months. Keep your pets cool and comfortable when the heat and humidity are peaking. Always have water accessible and take them out several times daily on short walks to relieve themselves.

Park Policies

The Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort is a great place for pets to stay. The resort offers a full dog park, making it very easy to exercise and socialize your dog at any time. You don’t have to make special plans and can simply head over to the park for some fun. A warm dog wash station is also included as an amenity. There’s no need to track down grooming stations or to attempt baths in your motorcoach sink or shower. Use the nice, big station and your dog can enjoy the warm water. It’s a fantastic service.

In terms of specific policies, the resort loves well behaved dogs and cats. Use common sense, keep your pets on a leash, pick up after them and be respectful of your neighbors. It’s a simple approach to enjoying the resort alongside your best friend.

Recreating with Pets on Hilton Head

Hilton Head Island is incredibly dog friendly, and you have access to parks, beaches and many designated areas specifically designed for pets. The Coligny Beach Park is a favorite because well behaved dogs can run off-leash. The Chaplin Best Friend’s Park is also a great area to walk and explore. The Fish Haul Beach Park is popular with dog owners but there have been complaints of too many off-leash dogs. Consider using a leash to be respectful of other visitors here.

The Jarvis Creek Park is an excellent place for dog walking and the Islanders Beach Park is a wonderful beach with plenty of space. Taking your dog for a walk on the beach is the perfect way to spend an afternoon on Hilton Head. Avoid going when the sand is hot as it’s uncomfortable for dog paws but walking during a normal day is just fine.

Things to Get for Your Pet

Offering your pet a combination of indoor and outdoor space is ideal. Dogs and cats both have the desire to explore and understand the area surrounding the RV. A dedicated tether is ideal for letting them have outside space without constant monitoring. Use a harness rather than a collar for better comfort and control.

A large outside crate is also a good idea. Crate training is perfect for RV living and it means the pet always has a comfortable space that feels like home. Collapsible metal cage style crates work well outside. Use stakes to ensure the crate is fastened to the ground and tether it to a solid object for extra security.

Two sets of water dishes will allow for one outside and another inside. Always keep extra water ready on the road and store food in a sealed container to prevent spilling and attracting rodents. Otherwise, keep along some favorite toys and focus on exercise and great experiences to have a happy pet on the road.