Are You Ready for Some Pickleball?


At the Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort, pristine tennis courts are one of the many amenities enjoyed by guests. The rise in popularity for the excitement of Pickleball has not gone unnoticed and Pickleball is on the events calendar many days of the week. Guests can set up games within their friend groups but Pickleball […]

Is an RV Solar System Right for Your Motorhome?

solar panel

Solar is a nice addition to many motorhomes but it’s not always worth the investment. Determining if solar is right for your rig requires a close examination of your lifestyle and parking choices. Solar panels are becoming more affordable but the battery systems required to operate a full off-grid system is often expensive. The installation […]

Hilton Head 2021 Golf Tournaments and Events

hilton head gold tournament

If you want to golf alongside the pros, Hilton Head Island is the place to visit. The extraordinary number of world class courses located in one area is unique and it attracts the best golfers from around the world to test their skills. Many PGA tournaments and competitive golf events use Hilton Head courses and […]