Keeping Your RV Cool in Summer

puppy on beach wearing sunglasses

Many RVers live for the summer fun times but the season also comes with heat and maintaining a comfortable living space is important. Cooling requires a strategic approach to managing airflow and it also requires a quality air conditioner. Here are a few ways to keep things cool without running up the electricity during the […]

Preparing for a Hilton Head Island Fishing Trip

fisherman holding fish and pole

Hilton Island is a paradise for anglers but there are a few things you will need before hitting the water. The differences between fishing freshwater areas and the ocean are immense and the gear requirements are often different. The diversity of opportunity and abundant access make the island an incredible destination for fishing. Get ready […]

Public Courses on Hilton Head Island

golf ball beside hole on course

Hilton Head is often referred to as Golf Island and for good reason. The island is home to an outstanding fifty golf courses with a mix of public and private access. Short term visitors are often attracted to public courses because they are open to non-members who need flexibility in the scheduling process. Long term […]