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Keeping Your RV Cool in Summer

Many RVers live for the summer fun times but the season also comes with heat and maintaining a comfortable living space is important. Cooling requires a strategic approach to managing airflow and it also requires a quality air conditioner. Here are a few ways to keep things cool without running up the electricity during the summer months. The small steps will increase comfort while making the summer months a breeze.

Trap the Cool Air

Open the windows when the nights are cool and let that air pass through the motorcoach. Fresh, cold air will make the entire interior space feel nice and it’s especially good while sleeping. In the morning however, the hot sun will quickly change the outside temperatures and that air will heat the interior. Close the windows before the temperatures rise and cover the windows with shades or blinds.

This will trap cool air inside and extend the amount of time you can maintain comfortable temperatures without cranking the air conditioner. On moderately hot days, you might not even need the air conditioning when using this technique. Just make sure the windows are closed and covered and avoid leaving the door open as the cool air will escape quickly.

Watch the nighttime lows on the weather report before choosing this method. On nights where the humidity and heat levels are not dropping into a nice cool range, using a low setting on the air conditioner may be necessary.

Use a Fan

Fans combine well with the cool air trapping method to maintain circulation of that air. Set up a fan to push cold air through the living space and bedroom during the evening and night and use it to maintain airflow when everything is sealed off during the day. A portable fan or two can go a long way towards maintaining a comfortable summer temperature indoors. Choose efficient fan units as well to save on power. Many modern fans will run on USB connections and they can push a reasonable amount of air through the modest living space provided in most motor coaches.

Create Outdoor Shade

The outdoor space has a significant influence on indoor temperatures and general comfort during the summer. Shade is gold and you should use any natural elements like trees to shade the space around your motorcoach. Additionally, setup awnings and even consider adding secondary shade fabrics to increase the coverage. Focus on window areas especially to reduce the impact of direct sunlight during the hottest part of each day.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

The air conditioning system is essential when the heat really kicks up and it can quickly cool down your interior. Continue with the window shades to block out sun and maintain your system by cleaning and replacing filters every year. This ensures the AC system will have maximum air flow and will continue pumping that nice cold air through your living room and bedroom. It’s a good idea to service the air conditioning through a professional well ahead of the hot season. These services are often very busy when the heat does arrive and it pays to have some foresight in the spring when they are slower on service calls.

Cook Outdoors

Cooking inside can quickly heat the space to uncomfortable temperatures. Frying a quick egg is no big deal but baking lasagna or running multiple burners for intricate meals will create a significant amount of heat. You can crank the air conditioning  to fight the generated heat or simply head outside for your cooking. Focus on dry foods like sandwiches during the day then grill up steaks or burgers in the evening.

Beat the Heat Outside

Some days simply call for a trip to the ocean or pool when temperatures rise. Take an hour or two and go dunk in the cold water then sit in the shade for a while. Sometimes, it’s just nice to get outside on a hot day.

Alternatively, consider planning your day to stay active during the coolest temperature periods. Hit the pickleball courts and golf courses in the early morning and late evenings. You can take the workouts indoors by hitting a temperature controlled gym as well. Block out the mid-day periods for lounging, napping and relaxing in your air conditioned motorcoach.