The Best Bikes for RV Travel

Biking is one of the very best ways to get around Hilton head Island. That said, RV travel with a bike isn’t always easy. The best way to make the process as easy as possible? Invest in a lightweight bike that is ideally suited to RV life.

Here are the best bikes for RV travel.

Lightweight Bikes for RVers

The first—and probably most popular—RV bike option is a lightweight traditional bike. We like hybrid bikes because they can be ridden in most places and are very lightweight. You can also change the tires of a hybrid bike based on what you intend to do with it. This means you can create a bike that can take on mountain trails, city streets, or even sandy beaches by changing out the tires.

What to Look For in Lightweight Bikes

Proper Fit

It’s important that your bike fits you properly. In order to ensure you get the right fit, consider heading into a specialty bike shop.

Handlebar Type

Hybrid bikes can come with a variety of different handle bars. There is no one right style of handlebars, but make sure the handlebars you end up with are comfortable for you, as some may have you sitting more upright or leaning forward more than you might like.


Fenders aren’t included on all hybrid bikes. That said, we feel these are an important thing to have if you’ll be riding through puddles or in sand.

Tire Type

As mentioned above, the tires you put on your bike will change the way it rides. Make sure the tires included in your initial purchase are tires you can use for your purposes.


Finally, you’ll want to find out how many gears are included on your bike. Those who plan to ride steep grades often will need more gears than those who will stick mostly to flat terrain.

Best Lightweight Bike for RVers: Fuji Absolute 1.3

We like the Fuji Absolute 1.3 because it weighs in at only 23 lb, making it ideal for RV travel. It is a relatively affordable, high-quality bike that is sure to last through the abuse of traveling on the back (or front) of an RV. It’s also versatile, making it a great option for those who like to spend time in the mountains, by the sea, and everywhere in between.

Foldable Bikes for RVers

Another great option for those who want to carry a bike with them on their RV travels? Foldable bikes.

These bikes are lightweight and fold up surprisingly small, meaning they can be bagged and stored in a storage bay. This removes the need for a bike rack, something many RVers love. That said, these bikes are pricey, slower than traditional bikes, and don’t offer a very comfortable ride.

What to Look For in Foldable Bikes


As mentioned before, foldable bikes can be pricey. Make sure the one you’re eyeballing is something you can actually afford before you get too dead-set on buying it.

Fold Type

The way a foldable bike folds can change 1) how portable the bike is, 2) how it will hold up to frequent use, and 3) how easy it is to set up and fold away. Make sure you’re happy with the folding mechanism on any bike you choose.


As is the case with anything you plan on storing in your RV, weight should definitely be a consideration. The lighter your bike is, the better it is for your overall rig weight.

Wheel Size

Wheel size will make a big difference in how a bike rides. Bigger wheels will take bumps and cracks better than smaller wheels. That said, small wheels can be stronger than larger ones, and they tend to offer a more compact fold.


Many foldable bikes don’t offer any suspension at all. This coupled with small wheels means you feel every tiny imperfection in the road. That said, there are a few foldable bikes that do offer suspension. These are heavier, but will definitely give you a more comfortable ride.

Best Foldable Bike for RVers: Btwin Tilt 500 Folding Bike

The Btwin Tilt 500 is an excellent folding bike option. It is moderately priced, well built, and folds up quite small. It weighs in at about 28.5 lbs, so not terribly heavy, and even has 7 gears, making hills a little easier to tackle. We also appreciate that this bike comes with fenders already installed, something not all foldable bikes include. Whether you choose a lightweight traditional bike or a super compact foldable bike, we’re certain you’ll be glad you invested in an RV-friendly bike for your