exercise items - apples, weights, running shoes, headphones, water bottle

Stay Healthy on Hilton Head

Hilton Head is designed for an active lifestyle. The abundant pathways and trails, golf courses and opportunity for outdoor exercise make it easy to stay fit. Spend your days engaged in active events and take advantage of the numerous gyms and other fitness facilities when you’re not hitting the links, paddling backwaters or biking the pathways.

Use the On-Site Gym

The Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort property has a fully stocked gym that is convenient for guests. The gym has a great mix of strength training and cardio equipment in a large space. It’s comparable to many full fitness facilities and is always clean and maintained to keep everything current and functioning perfectly. The convenience factor is hard to beat as guests can simply walk to the gym and return home without any travel. The spa is also a favorite stop after a good workout. Soak in a hot tub or enjoy a sauna session to relax for a while. 

Engage in On-site Sports

Staying active isn’t exclusive to gym users. Diversify your exercise sessions and use the full tennis courts or the newer pickleball court. Many of the guests have groups or partners to play in casual or competitive sessions. Pickleball is quickly becoming a favorite sport because the rules are simple and the game is easy to learn. It can run at a moderate or fast pace and is a great way to workup a sweat while having some fun. After a round on the courts, many guests will hit the spa and wind down with a nice relaxation session.

Extensive Public Pathways

Outdoor activities are a staple on Hilton Head Island and the community is built to encourage walking, jogging and biking. The pathways extend for over a 100-miles, opening up the entire island to exploration on foot or by cycling. Biking the pathways is very popular and you can experience different communities, waterfront areas and inland areas in what is deemed as one of the country’s most bike friendly areas. If you want to explore beyond the pathways, biking on the beaches is a great way to get exercise while reaching beach sites that are difficult to access on foot. A bike with bigger tires and tread is ideal for beach riding but the trick is to hit the hard pack section close to the water. Get some speed going and don’t stop until you reach a desired destination. You can move along surprisingly well with little resistance once you find the right speed and hard packed sand.

If biking and foot travel are not enough, consider paddling. The island has plenty of kayak rental options and no shortage of waterways to paddle. Kayaking is a nice upper body workout and you have the opportunity to insert yourself right into the natural beauty of the place. The calm backwaters are ideal for paddling and many of these places double as great fishing holes. The kayak rental companies are happy to direct you to access points and if paddling becomes a habit, consider investing in a kayak.

Off-Site Fitness

The walking and biking pathways are great for fitness but there are also numerous outside fitness gyms and services. Joining a yoga class or a specialized fitness group is not uncommon. A quick search will reveal an incredible number of options in a very active community. You can even search for walking and cycling groups to expand your friend group while exercising and exploring the island. Fitness is a common pursuit across Hilton Head and you won’t have a hard time finding groups, facilities and classes to fit your exact needs. 

Go Golfing!

A large number of visitors are focused on the incredible number of world class golf courses and that pursuit easily overlaps with exercise. While golf carts are convenient, consider walking the courses a few times each walk. Playing through 18-holes on foot is a great calorie burner and it will keep your legs nice and fit. Find a partner who also wants to walk and work it into your golf routine to stay fit while enjoying some of the best courses in the United States. Don’t skimp on sun protection and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. Walking the courses may quickly become a preferred method of the sport.