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Smart upgrades for your Motorcoach

Your motorcoach likely came with plenty of luxury features but there is always room for customization and upgrades to the interior and exterior. Even small modifications can make a big difference in the way things look and perform on a regular basis. Consider making small and even a few large upgrades to increase the livability and comfort of your motorcoach home.

LED Lights

LED lighting has become more popular off the shelf, but some motorcoach models will still require the upgrade. LED has several benefits with a big one being efficiency. If you camp off-grid or run off battery power, LEDs are an absolute necessity for energy savings. They are also more durable and less likely to shatter like glass bulbs. Finally, LEDs run cooler which has an influence on your Motorcoach internal temperature while mitigating potential burns when you come in contact with a bulb. Add some small LED lights to your cabinet interiors to help organize and illuminate those dark spaces.

Outdoor Accessories

The outdoor space on most motorcoaches comes with an awning but you will need to consider upgrades beyond that for maximum comfort. Erect the awning and add a outdoor rug along with patio chairs and a table. You can find portable versions of this furniture that packs down well.

Solar and Batteries

Solar systems are not always necessary but they can really come in handy. If your motorcoach is plugged in at all times, solar really isn’t a big need but anyone traveling and camping for periods of time between resort stops will want a solar and battery system capable of powering the system. An additional generator is often used as well to top off batteries as needed. The amount of solar and size of the battery bank will ultimately depend on the usage and how much power you need when not connected to shore power. Lithium batteries are ideal for weight savings and longevity, but they also come at a very high cost when compared to deep cycle marine batteries.

Upgrade Your Mattress

The mattress is often overlooked but it has an incredible impact on comfort and quality of life in a motorcoach. If the original mattress isn’t leaving you satisfied each morning, shop for a new one and make the upgrade. Everyone sleeps differently and finding a mattress that works for you is important. Make sure to find one with the correct measurements before making a purchase. Some models use standard mattress dimensions while others have custom sizes specific to RV’s.

Floor Options

Many RV’s come with combinations of laminate and carpet flooring. The carpet is great for a period of time but it often becomes worn and difficult to clean in high traffic areas. Consider pulling old carpet and switching to laminate throughout the entire motorcoach. Add rugs that are easy to remove and clean outdoors. This ultimately makes for easier floor maintenance and cleaning.

Electronics and Signals

You might have a good sound system but upgrading to a full surround sound makes for great music listening and movie watching. Also, add a WIFI repeater and cell signal booster to make the most of your network. Many RV resorts are serving WIFI to a large area and it helps to meet that signal in the middle. It makes a big difference while traveling as well. You can catch WIFI from parking lots and stopping points where it would be unavailable otherwise.

Kitchen Upgrades

Stove and sink covers increase counter space when you aren’t cooking or washing dishes. You can buy them or have a custom block made to turn that empty space into cutting boards and temporary appliance spaces. Another easy upgrade is adding a fresh backsplash with stick-on products. Tons of styles and colors are available at most hardware stores.

You can also turn the refrigerator and even cabinet doors into whiteboards with mounting tape or chalk boards with chalkboard paint.