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Smart RV – Streamlining Technology in Your Motorhome

This is the era of smart homes with mobile apps to turn on the oven and open the garage doors. Motorhomes are no different and technology plays a major role in the entertainment and practical systems at home. Not everyone needs a smart Motorhome but having the ability to connect with the outside world while managing technology in your Motorhome is important. Here are a few easy ways to maximum your Motorhome’s technology capabilities without making any major overhauls or investments.

Entertainment System

The entertainment system is important for some folks and not so much for others. If you spend a significant amount of time watching television or listening to music, investing in high quality speakers and a television is worth the money. Some Motorhome’s do come with surround sound built into the walls as well.

You can connect portable speakers easily but mounting wireless speakers or running hardwired speakers while carefully hiding the wires is a good move. Be considerate about power consumption if you take any boondocking trips but plugging into shore power means you can run a pretty robust system if desired. A Motorhome is a small space however, and large speakers are not required to project sound well.

Resorts like Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort have fantastic WIFI and you can stream  from the connection. In the event that a spot is not receiving a robust WIFI signal, consider using a dedicated cell signal hotspot with an unlimited plan. This ensures you will have plenty of signal strength and in some areas, you can even stream while boondocking or camping in seemingly remote areas.

Connecting to a Roku or other entertainment management device is also possible while on the road. Most of these devices do not have GPS installed and will work within the United States so long as you have plenty of signal strength for streaming.

Cell Phone and Wifi Booster

Boosters are a staple for travelers and they really extend the reach of your rig. You can take that private, end of the lot space at parks and enjoy a strong signal with a booster. Parking outside coffee shops and other WIFI zones with a booster also makes it possible to grab a great signal from the parking lot. The investment for a WIFI booster is also minimal and they are easy to install.

Cell phone boosters are also a great asset on the road, especially for streaming services. You might find the perfect camping spot but the cell signal only has one or two bars, not nearly enough for streaming media. A booster can push that to four or five bars, making it possible to stream, call and text normally. RVers who work remote or rely on communications systems will benefit from installing a simple booster system for both cell in WIFI signals.

Service Providers

Before advancements in cell phone technology, expensive satellite systems were the only option for portable service and live entertainment. Satellites are still valuable for some Rvers but mobile connected entertainment is more common and easy to integrate into an existing cell phone plan. Satellites do have the convenience factor for RVers spending long periods of time in areas without mobile service, however. For most folks, connecting via a mobile device on the road and via local WIFI at the RV resort is the most efficient course of action.

Mobile Apps

Smartphone capabilities can streamline your Motorhome through easy-to-use controls. Connecting to a household system like Alexa is not uncommon and apps are also used to control the television and sound systems. There really is no need for a remote control in the modern Motorhome. Brand new models may also have the option for mobile controls on smart appliance and entertainment systems.

Additional mobile apps also exist for navigation, leveling and other common necessities. Leveling with the assistance of a mobile app is really nice because it ensures you find the perfect level point for a comfortable and balanced home.

Lastly, technology and mobile technology specifically, is a major asset for security systems. Silent alarms and cameras that operate while you are away means you always have a view of your space and can monitor and protect your RV and belongings. Modern security systems will trigger a camera through motion detectors, and you can quickly access the live feed through your mobile phone. If you leave for extended periods of time, investing in a camera system with mobile connections is a great way to provide to peace of mind and insurance against theft.