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Is a Class A Motorcoach the Best Choice for You?

Choosing between different motorcoach class sizes is not always easy and it pays to really do some research. Each type of motorcoach has advantages and disadvantages, and it really depends on the lifestyle and personal needs of the owner. That said, Class A motorcoach designs have some serious perks and they are popular for good reason.

Square Footage

The Class A models are the largest RVs and as such, they have more square footage than other class designs. That extra floor space is nice when you have guests or occupy the space with multiple people. The design options are endless, and some models have garage space and an extra bathroom. It also means the structure has space for extensive plumbing and heating and cooling features that resemble those found in modern homes.

Luxury Options

Class A interior design is an art and luxury is common with features you would expect to find in a house. A full kitchen with island options, luxury couches and entertainment centers and even full bathrooms including a tub. Imagine soaking in your tub after a long day on the golf course. The Class A models are essentially made to resemble a home and they are most often used on hookups. The luxury comes at a cost in terms of size on the road and while you won’t be driving small backroads, setting up shop at a resort makes the Class A a perfect option.

Big Slideouts

The great big slideouts on many Class A’s will turn the interior into a big, dynamic space. Large dinettes and bedrooms that open up add serious square footage and appeal to the space. Many 5th wheel and Class C campers also have nice slideouts but the Class A can transform into a luxury home with larger sidewalls and room to expand. Every design is different but you can shop around and find the perfect combination of luxury and functionality with slideouts and interior features.

Power on the Road

The engine and chassis in Class A motorcoaches are robust and designed to haul serious weight. You are essentially working with engines built to haul semi truck loads and commercial buses. While some are powered by gas engines, most utilize serious diesel pushers. Many Class A

owners tow a trailer that acts as a garage or a secondary vehicle for getting around after the motorcoach is parked and set up in a semi-permanent location.

Storage and Undercarriage

The sheer size of a Class A makes it possible to enclose all systems. When you look at a Class A, it closely resembles a bus with large storage compartments. Enclosed plumbing means the black tank discharge and plumbing systems typically exposed on a Class B or Class C are fully enclosed and protected on a Class A.

This prevents damage on the road and makes it easier to access and service everything. The additional storage is also significant. Think about a bus with storage to accommodate bags for all of the passengers. A Class A can accommodate everything you need for an outdoor patio area, barbecue and recreational equipment. Load it up and set up for a full home base that is every bit as comfortable as most houses on foundations.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Smaller RV’s typically have an overhead Air Conditioning unit and single heat source with a fan. This works well because of the limited square footage but it’s not a perfect system and walled off areas like bedrooms might have a difficult time reaching the ideal temperature. Many Class A models have multiple heating and cooling units with thermostats and smart controls to ensure the temperature is ideal and distributed evenly throughout the entire home.

Ride Quality

You can expect a smooth ride in a Class A when compared to a Class C. That’s not to say a Class C isn’t comfortable but it’s more akin to driving a big truck and will absorb more of the road. Class A models have air suspension throughout and they are very smooth on the highway. You also have a great big view and can see the road exceptionally well. The only downside is maneuverability in tight spaces and limitations on where you can take the big rigs.