dog looking at ocean

Hilton Head Island for Dog Owners

Hilton Head Island is very pet friendly with public spaces designed for dogs and a welcoming community overall. If you travel in a motorcoach with your best friend, Hilton Head is the ideal place to visit. Check out the Pet Paradise page on our website. Hilton Head Motorcoach Resort welcomes your dog, you will see many owners and guests with their furry friends walking throughout the resort.

Things to Bring

Traveling with a dog requires few special items. You need a good leash, a collapsible silicone bowl and water jug to use when hiking and traveling so water is easily accessible, bags for cleaning waste, and your regular dog food and treats.

Dog Friendly Beaches

The Hilton Head Beaches are dog friendly with some basic rules. The rules are useful to prevent overcrowding and conflict issues with pets. Dog must be leashed and are not allowed on the beach between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This is peak season timing, but you can still enjoy a morning or evening stroll along the beach during this time.

Dogs can enjoy the beaches while leashed between 10 am and 5 pm from April 1 through the

Thursday before Memorial Day, and the Thursday after Labor Day until the end of September.

You and your dog are free to enjoy the beaches before 10 am, or after 5 pm April to September.

Dogs must be under voice control while off-leash. Please refer to the Town of Hilton Head website for more details.

It’s important that everyone follows these rules and cleans up after their dogs to keep the beaches accessible to pet owners. Burke’s Beach and Alder Lane Beach access are two great spots to walk your dog.

Dog Parks

You will find dog specific parks and parks that are dog friendly on Hilton Head. The Chaplin dog park is ideal for dogs that want to socialize and play with their neighbors. It’s dedicated specifically to dogs, making it perfect for getting out with your pooch. The Coligny Beach Park is dog friendly as is the Fish Haul Beach Park. Oscar Frazier Park and Shelter Cove Park also have nice open space for pets. Always bring bags and clean up after your dog when visiting these parks.

Dogs at Hilton Head Motorcoach Resort

The resort is more than dog friendly, it’s a doggie paradise. The resort has a puppy park and treats always available at the office. Hit the trails in the park and connect to trail systems crisscrossing the island. After spending a day out exploring, hit the on-site dog wash station to clean up. That’s right, there’s a dog wash just for the guests.

Hit the Trails

Is your dog high energy? Hilton Head has biking trails that make it possible to navigate the entire island. It’s one of the most cycling friendly communities in America with over 200 miles of trails. Utilize the bike paths to run your dog each day but make sure to plan the distance and bring plenty of water for your dog. The trails can go quite a long way. Hiking and walking trails are also plentiful. You can walk the beaches or explore on foot with your dog on a leash. The Jarvis Creek Trail is a great one to try. If that’s not enough, try taking a jaunt around town. Many of the businesses are dog friendly and you will even find restaurants that allow dogs in outdoor seating areas. You can pretty much go anywhere with your dog except the golf courses. Service dogs are the only animals with exceptions to rules posted by individual businesses and city ordinances.