7 Ways to Stay Healthy While Living in a Motorcoach

Motorcoach travelers should take steps to encourage a healthy lifestyle on the road.

Living in a motorcoach is different from your normal home lifestyle. The motorcoach is often on the move, space is more limited, and developing a healthy routine requires creativity. However, the landscape is new and exciting, and opportunities to explore and foster a healthy lifestyle abound. Motorcoach travelers can take these steps to encourage a healthy lifestyle on the road.

Create Positive Habits

It doesn’t matter where your motorcoach is parked, habits remain important. Develop a routine that involves daily exercise, healthy grocery shopping, meal prep and anything you would normally do to remain healthy in a home. Habits are important, helping you to get exercise and eat healthy without much thought. Start each morning by stretching out and build your day to encourage plenty of activity and fun. Also, consider joining exercise groups when possible. Walking and hiking groups, yoga classes and other local groups help when it comes to motivation and making connections in the area. And check out the activity calendar on our website for our schedule of exciting activities to get you moving.

Explore New Areas

One of the best things about living on the road is the ability to explore and experience unfamiliar places. While traveling, do research and plan hikes, golfing, and outdoor activities in new areas. This makes it amazingly easy to remain active. During city stays, locate gyms and public spaces with walking paths and places to exercise. Most communities offer parks and open space where you can walk and enjoy the new area.

Use RV Resort Facilities

RV resorts frequently offer excellent exercise facilities. Look for resorts with swimming pools, exercise facilities and tennis courts. Pickleball is a favorite for Hilton Head Motorcoach Resort. Guests and the residents often team up and schedule daily games. Having access to a gym, spa and additional facilities makes it easy to stay active and healthy without requiring any additional effort. Finding resorts with everything you want on the premises is the best way to have a convenient means of staying active in your motorcoach.

Keep a Clean Space

Mental health is important in a motorcoach and treating your home on wheels like any other home is important. Focus on keeping a clean space by sanitizing countertops and cleaning floors. It’s also important to have soaps and hygienic products readily available, to make hand washing easy. Add candles and decorative touches for a peaceful and welcoming environment.

Get outside, and let fresh air and sunshine work their magic. Walk around the resort and exercise your social muscles too. You can make lifelong friends while travelling.

Hit Local Markets

The food you eat has a major impact on physical and mental health. Traveling comes with the temptation to eat fast food and convenient options but it’s best to stock your refrigerator with fresh, healthy options before hitting the road. When you settle at a resort, check the community, and seek out farmers markets and local groceries with fresh food. On Hilton Head Island, fresh produce is abundant, and visitors love the exceptional seafood markets.

Sun Protection

The motorcoach lifestyle is ideal for enjoying the great outdoors and while that activity is great for health, it comes with some risks. The sun is the biggest issue, causing skin problems for travelers, if you spend long days out golfing, hiking, boating, fishing, and lounging on the beach without the proper sun protection. Invest in quality clothing with sun protection built into the fabric. Sun shirts with hoods and face coverings are a wonderful way to protect your skin. Always carry sunscreen and use it often to fend off the sun’s powerful rays. Sunshine is great for your mental and physical health, but protection is necessary.

Know Your Medical Options

Basic checkups and emergencies may require visits to a doctor. Know your options at each long-term layover and plan visits as needed. Travelers make their routine doctor appointments while at home, but some things cannot wait. You will also need to coordinate with insurance to determine your coverage while traveling. Do a little research before traveling, especially if you require regular care and prescribed medications.