The Resort amenities are open with Federal and State guidelines due to Covid-19. Ice Machine, Pool, Spa, and poolside shower/bathroom will be open from 9 am to 5 pm with limited occupancy. The laundry Room is accessible to guests with resort gate card. The Clubhouse and Fitness Facility will be closed for public use until further notice.

9 Things to do in Paradise (Without Leaving)

9 Ways to Spend Your Time at
Hilton Head Motorcoach Resort
(without ever leaving “Paradise”)


It’s amazing how many first-time guests come to Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort, (the only resort on the Island exclusive to Class A & C coaches), make a reservation for two nights, and end up extending their stay.

Because Hilton Head Island offers something for all ages, the longer you stay, the more you realize how much there is to do and how just one quick trip won’t suffice.

Charles Frazier’s vision for the Island from its infancy was to make it environmentally sound, but also make it a “destination” that families would enjoy coming to visit. And he did just that.

The weather here allows for nine months of peak season, there are over 60 miles of bike trails (on a 5 mile by 12-mile island) and the famous beaches are incredible. However, it’s the eateries with world-class chefs, outdoor adventurous activities, nightclubs and golf courses that really set the Island apart from the usual.

While there is so much to do on the Island, the real paradise is within the Resort. Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort is located on 50 acres and packs a punch with 400 sites. However, it’s the luxury amenities and the community atmosphere that give it the distinction of being called “the finest coastal resort in the country.” The Resort gets top ratings in all the RV publications and is rated on many blogs as one of the top 10 luxury RV resorts in the country.

But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself!


  1. 1 Playing Tennis and Pickleball
    We have six courts, so if you love tennis or pickleball, you’ve come to the right place! Most mornings, you’ll find tennis and pickleball players gathered for pick up games.Tennis at Hilton Head Island Motor Coach Resorts
  2. 2 Family Fun
    Very close to the tennis courts is a basketball court. Shoot some hoops, try your hand at shuffleboard or enjoy watching your kids/grand kids on the playground!
    Kids playground at Hilton Head Island Motor Coach Resort
  3. 3 Relaxing in the Two-Story Clubhouse
    Central to the Resort is a two-story clubhouse.  The first floor has high-end rest rooms and showers, an exercise room, laundry, TV, library, and tables for card playing or checking emails.The second floor of the clubhouse is where the main events take place, including Saturday morning breakfast, themed dinner nights and trivia nights.  There are also movies to borrow, a large screen TV over the fireplace for watching big sporting events and a pool table.
    Pools abound on Hilton Head Island's only RV Resort
  4. 4 Lounging Poolside
    Around the clubhouse is a heated resort-style pool with a hot tub.  We even offer water aerobics during the summer! In addition, there is a small kitchen and a Snack Shack that sells sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers on Thursdays and Fridays for reasonable prices.
    Lounge in the pools at Hilton Head Island Motor Coach Resort.
  5. 5 Biking
    Stop by the office to see three different bike rally options before heading to the beach, Palmetto Bay Marina, or Shelter Cove.  It’s fun for adults and children to see places you’d normally miss if you went to these locations.
    Biking on Hilton Head Island
  6. 6 Activities
    The Resort activities director will also keep you busy with bike rides to different locations twice a week, Ma Jong, Mexican Train, crafts, knitting and crochet groups are other options. We have happy hours, holiday celebrations and delicious themed dinners that’ll make you love our community atmosphere!
    Indoor Games and Activities at Hilton Head Island Motor Coach Resort.
  7. 7 Meet and Greet
    Fridays starting at 5:30 p.m., come with your favorite beverage and a snack to the clubhouse for Meet and Greet.  Get to know fellow owners and guests and hangout with old friends!
    Social Get togethers at Hilton Head Island Motor Coach Resort
  8. 8 Geocaching
    If you enjoy geocaching there are four objects hidden in the Resort for you to find.  You can get the coordinates from activities director Alex. Good luck!
    Geo-Coaching on Hilton Head Island
  9. 9 Wi-Fi
    Enjoy free wi-fi and cable with high definition channels at your site. This amenity is rarely seen at many RV resorts.
    Hilton Head Island Motor Coach Resort is paradise.


Discover Hilton Head Island
at the only Motorcoach Resort in this paradise!


April 4, 2017

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