1May I rent my lot directly without going through the front office?
No. All lot rentals must be handled by the Rental Office.
2Who sets rental rates?
The Board of Directors.
3How is site rental income distributed?
The site owner receives 50% of the net daily rental charge.
4Can a friend use my lot in my absence?
Each owner may allow guests to stay on his lot in the guests’ motorcoach for a total of six weeks each calendar year. However, if the guest stays longer than 21 days at one time, an amenities fee of $20 per day will be charged after the 21st day.
5Should I tell the Rental Office when I plan to use my lot personally?
If you are in the rental pool, it is crucial that you block out the dates you plan to use your site in our reservation system. If you have not received training on using the site, please call the Front Desk Manager and ask her to block out the dates for you.
6Must I make my lot available for rent when I am not using it?
While the Resort has the exclusive right to rent, participation in the rental program is not mandatory. Participation in the rental program is encouraged as the Resort's share of the rental income is used for operation and maintenance of the Resort.
7How much rental income can I expect from my lot?
Since renters are given a free choice of site, it all depends on their selection. Generally, sites near the amenities and those on the lake seem to rent more frequently, as well as those that have been improved and enhanced. It is important that you have flattering photos of your site uploaded to the rental software site.