Resort FAQs


1What exactly is Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort?
It is a luxury motorcoach resort consisting of 50 acres of woodland setting accented with live oaks dripping with Spanish moss, palms, ferns and flowering shrubs, designed for the convenience and enjoyment of motorcoaches only.
2Who owns the Resort?
Each of the 401 individual sites is privately owned with fee simple title just as home sites are normally owned in a community. The common elements, i.e., streets, clubhouse, tennis/pickleball courts, swimming pool and other improvements are owned in common by the site owners and make up the Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Property Owners Association. The HHIMR rental business is an LLC and wholly owned by the property owners' association. We own the trademarks to our name and logo as well as multiple domain names associated with our Resort. The Resort was originally developed by Outdoor Resorts of America which was a premier luxury motorcoach developer in the U.S. and Canada.
3What are the fees associated with lot ownership?
The quarterly maintenance fee is $600.00. This provides for maintenance and upkeep of the common facilities and roadways. It also includes the following for the resort as well as individual lots: water and sewer, cable TV, wireless internet access, garbage pick up, lawn maintenance (lawn is mowed weekly, lawn and driveway blown free of leaves). This quarterly fee also provides for a capital improvement fund.
4What is considered an owner’s responsibility regarding lot ownership?
An owner is responsible for the following: electricity (which is a contract between the owner and Palmetto Electric Cooperative); telephone (which may be provided by Hargray Communications); taxes, which are based on Beaufort County’s assessed value; and liability insurance. The Resort’s general liability policy will provide coverage for the Resort and its' members as a commercial operation. Members are limited to the commercial third-party exposure only. This policy will not provide liability coverage for the member’s exclusive use or occupancy.
5What about liability insurance on my lot?
The General Liability Policy covers the “Resort” and its members as a commercial operation. Members are limited to the commercial, third-party exposure only. This policy will not provide liability coverage for the member’s exclusive use or occupancy. Each owner therefore has the responsibility to provide his/her own coverage.
6What is the relationship between this Resort and the Hilton Harbor RV Resort and Yacht Club on the north end of Hilton Head Island?
None, except that ORA developed both resorts.
7Why is the Resort limited to motorhomes?
The land was purchased from the Hilton Head Company subject to certain conditions of use. One of those conditions or covenants specifically prohibited the Resort from accepting any type of recreational vehicles other than Class A and C motorhomes.
8Are there other restrictive covenants as well?
Yes, there are. For example, building fences, installing permanent screened rooms or non-conforming storage sheds, etc. are specifically prohibited. A copy of the complete Covenants is posted in the owners' section of the website @
9What are the dimensions of my lot?
There is no rule of thumb as many lots have been improved. It is best to obtain an as-built survey to know where the property lines are. Deeded plats are available at the Beaufort County Registrar of Deeds Office. Many owners have had their lots recently surveyed.
10What about real estate taxes on my lot?
You will receive a tax bill directly from Beaufort County each year.
11How do I sell my lot?
You may sell your lot yourself, if you wish, just as you might do with any other real property. If you prefer to use professionals, there are two highly effective real estate sales people who specialize in our Resort. Their information is available on our website.
12May I have mail and packages sent to me at the Resort?
Yes, there is a mailroom in the median across from the office that is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily. Each owner is assigned a small letter mailbox that has a key. Packages are placed on an open shelf. Mail and packages should be addressed to your name, 133 Arrow Road, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928. Please have your mail discontinued if you will be away for an extended period, as it accumulates (we have limited mail space) and the Hilton Head Post Office will 3 of 8 Revised 6/11/2018 not forward mail addressed to 133 Arrow Road. We do not accept responsibility or assume liability for mail or packages received at the Resort.
13How do I go about registering complaints and/or making suggestions for improvement of the Resort?
Please use the Direct Line for questions, complaints and suggestions. All Board Members and the manager see these submissions. The Direct Line may be accessed in the Owners' section of the website.
14What should I do if I see rules and regulations of the Resort being broken?
Report your observations to the Resort Manager by calling the main phone number and selecting "manager" @ 843-539-9749
15Is it okay to ask a worker to take care of a problem on my lot?
No. Such requests should be made using the "Report Resort Repairs" button in the owners' section of the website. If urgent, call the Resort Manager. For assistance with certain repairs that are the responsibility of the lot owner, there is a list of approved contractors on the owners' section of the website.
16Does the Resort have any type of golf and/or tennis discounts available?
We do have golf discount cards available at the front office. Since we have our own tennis and pickleball facilities, no special arrangements have been made with island tennis clubs.
17Are there any regularly scheduled social activities at the Resort?
We have an Activities Director who plans regular activities. There are also groups that gather for various card games and mahjong. Activities are also posted on a bulletin board in the lower clubhouse lounge.
18Are bicycles available for rent at the Resort?
Information is available in the front office for businesses that will deliver and pick up rental bicycles.
19Beach Parking
Beach parking at Coligny Beach is free