1May I store a tow dolly on my lot?
Yes, on the pad if there is adequate space, but strictly not on the grass and must be removed when the motorcoach and/or car are not present on-site. Two wheel car dollies may be stored in the lot by the maintenance area based on space availability. The dolly must be registered at the Front Office, appropriately tagged and may remain only while the motorcoach is in residence.
2Are there any restrictions on the number of vehicles that can be parked on an individual lot?
Yes. There is no parking or driving on the grass or non-paved surfaces. You may park two cars on your site if the pad at the roadway is wide enough for side-byside parking with both cars completely on the pad, Overflow parking is available at the recreational facility on a short term basis.
3May I store my car on my lot when my motorcoach is not present?
In 2011 the Board modified the rules and regulations to permit that owners may leave their car on the owner’s lot without a motorcoach present for up to six weeks contingent upon the owner obtaining the appropriate parking tag from the front office that must be hung on the vehicle’s rear view mirror. This is not intended for long-term storage.
4Are there any restrictions on the type of landscaping I can do?
Generally no, but it is advisable to submit your plans to the Property Enhancement Committee (PEC) before starting new work or making major changes.
5Who should I contact to have special landscaping work done on my lot?
A list of approved vendors and contractors is available on the owners' website:
6May I install a sprinkler system on my lot if I wish?
Yes. You can do the installation yourself or contract with whomever you wish to do the work.
7If I have a sprinkler system on my lot, how should it be set while I am away?
The lawn care experts suggest that the system be set for about 10-15 minutes per zone every third day. Owners are responsible for the reliable operation of the irrigation system. Sprinkler systems should be turned off during late fall and winter.
8Can I make changes and upgrades to my pad?
Generally yes, but plans must be submitted and approved by the Property Enhancement Committee (PEC) before work commences. This requirement applies to any and all permanent structural modifications. There are also guidelines for furniture and other items allowed on lots.
9Are there any guidelines as to the colors that can be used to stain decks, sheds and benches?
See the PEC Guidelines for the latest requirements.
10May I install outside lights?
Yes, with certain very specific exceptions. See the PEC Guidelines on the owners' section of the website.
11May I have a name plaque on my lot?
Small, unobtrusive name plaques are permitted
12May I have telephone or Internet service installed at my lot?
Yes. Contact Hargray Communications to make necessary arrangements for installation and billing.
13How do I make arrangements to have my propane tank filled?
Propane is delivered to the Resort once a week. Leave your name and lot number at the front office and your tank will be filled on the next delivery day. Owner must be present to accept delivery.
14Can the water be shut off on my lot during the winter to prevent freeze damage?
Yes. All lots have a shut off valve near the utility pedestal.
15How do I dispose of garbage and trash?
All refuse should be placed in a sturdy plastic bag and left at the front of your lot. Pickups are made between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. Please do not leave refuse out overnight. Landscape debris should be placed at the front of your lot for pickup on Monday and Friday as weather permits.
16Are golf carts permitted in the resort?
Golf carts are not permitted in the Resort.
17Are there limitations on the kind of pets allowed?
We only allow dogs and cats. No exotic animals including pigs.