The Resort management and Board have fielded a number of questions from owners about current policies regarding resort operation during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are the issues we are addressing:


To avoid unnecessary travel during this time, we will be temporarily granting extensions to those not on site.  Please contact Kathy, our manager, if you can not safely move your coach as required.


As resort management and Board members circulate through the resort, there have been many sightings of individuals not practicing social distancing as recommended by our health authorities.  Some of this occurs at the pool, mainly in the context of children playing and families who are already sharing living space.  But most of the non-distant behavior has been observed in owners at individual sites.

We will be changing all of the signage on our public spaces to be more clear and concise regarding social distancing and personal hygiene expectations. Other changes will be considered as we move forward.



With the exception of the laundry room, the clubhouse is closed to both owners and renters.  The shower and bathrooms adjacent to the pool remain open and are being cleaned more frequently to compensate for increased use.


The office and mailroom are currently open. Office staff is regularly wiping down all surfaces and taking the same precautions as those in grocery stores and pharmacies. However, please do not visit the office if an email or phone call will accomplish your goal.

The staff is spending a lot more time on the telephone dealing with owners, reservations and cancellations.  This sometimes interferes with mail being placed in your mailbox at the usual time. Please be patient and consider checking for your mail a little later than usual.


The CDC has found no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs.  We are strictly adhering to proper operation and maintenance of the pool and hot tub to ensure everyone’s safety. Please click here for detailed information about pool safety.


The Board engaged in a long and comprehensive debate about whether the resort should remain open to renters.  Our renters are, of course, travelers.  However, many of our owners are also dedicated and seasoned travelers, going to places around the country and indeed the world, on cruises, planes, and other means of travel and then coming back here. To date, there has been no evidence that renters present any more risk to our owners than other owners do. Therefore the Board has concluded that keeping the resort open to renters at this time presents the same risk as keeping it open to owners. This policy may change if the situation warrants it in the future.

Concerns from owners have centered around renters not adhering to social distancing practices in the pool. As noted above, this seems to be more of a problem in owners than renters.  However, logical responses to noncompliance on the part of either group would include posting signs at the pool, monitoring and enforcing compliance with social distancing practices, or closing the pool. Closing to renters does nothing to address the problem of persons who fail to follow social distancing practices.


Everyone shares the responsibility to help out in this situation to the extent reasonable. Health care workers are working longer hours in less safe circumstances, stocking clerks are coming in early and staying late, and many workers and businesses who can’t afford to are curtailing their work for the greater good. Federal and state campgrounds across the county are closing, and many of the approximately 1 million American RVers who live full time in their coaches have nowhere to go.  If all the RV parks shut down, then they will have no choice but to park in parking lots, on streets or wherever they can, dumping their sewage who knows where. To have available motorcoach pads with working utilities while denying access to those in need of this dwindling resource seems mean-spirited and socially irresponsible in the absence of evidence of contagion.

We need to remember first, that it is the responsibility of each individual to avoid situations that they feel will be harmful, and second, that this is not just about us.


Please know that our decisions have not been made lightly or in haste and we feel they were the best ones for our resort at this time.  We also recognize that there is no perfect decision no matter what we do.  Rest assured, we are continuing to monitor the CDC, the WHO, and other government authorities and we will alter our decisions as needed based on their recommendations. The situation in which we find ourselves is fluid and ever changing.  Our solutions will need to be the same.

March 23, 2020