1May I have guests and may they use the recreational facilities?
Yes, but you must be present and accompany your guests when they use the exercise room, swimming pool, tennis courts, etc.
2Who is entitled to use the Owner’s lounge on the second floor of the clubhouse?
There are certain restrictions and a fee may be charged depending on the number of people attending. Arrangements should be made with the Resort Manager.
3What provisions have been made for the repair and maintenance of the common facilities?
A capital fund has been established for these purposes
4Is the swimming pool heated year round?
Typically the pool is heated or cooled to 86 degrees by three heat pumps in all months except December, January, and February. The pool heating typically begins sometime in March depending on the air temperature.
5When is the snack bar at the pool operational?
The snack bar is operated seasonally. The schedule is posted on the Snack Shack and the calendar on our website.
6Are there any special rules concerning use of the pool?
Yes, there are a number of specific rules that allow for the safety and enjoyment of all users including no smoking, no large floats, no diving, no glass. Children and young teens should be accompanied by an adult at all times as there is no lifeguard. The hot tub is off-limits to children under the age of 14. Pets are excluded from the entire pool area. Other specific rules are posted at the pool
7Are there any specific rules governing the use of the tennis and pickleball courts?
The rules are posted on the courts. The lights for night play are controlled by a timer located between courts 4 and 5, and are operative from about 6:00 pm EST to 10:00 pm.
8Where is the shuffleboard equipment stored?
The equipment may be signed out from the front office.