The Resort amenities are open with Federal and State guidelines due to Covid-19. The laundry Room is accessible to guests with resort gate card. The Clubhouse and Fitness Facility will be closed for public use until further notice.

Owner’s Week Winners and Photos

Golf Tournament
Winning Team: Steve Pierpont, Jim Grove, Kelly Baur and Jeff Baur
2nd place Team: Mike Vos, David Bragg, Bob Clarkson and Charles Horton
3rd place Team: Don Beck, Debbie Beck, Alan Beck, Gay Richardson
Closest to the hole : Steve Pierpont (Men’s) Lynn Starczewski (Ladies)
Longest Drive: Jeff Baur (Men’s) Kelly Baur (Ladies)
Pickleball Tournament
Winning Team: Bob Oakley and Sue Moyer
2nd place Team: Mike Vos and Cindy Grindle
Tennis Tournament
1st place Men’s: Brad Eckhart
1st place Ladies: Wendy Carlson
2nd place Men’s: Tom Poole
2nd place Ladies: Dianne Roberts
3rd place Men’s: Don Grindle
3rd place Ladies: Debbie Belisle
Corn Hole Tournament
Winners: Malcom Hunt and Barbara Ragland
2nd place: Bill Weber and Gary Cook


October 16, 2017

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Hilton Head Island Loves Geocaching

(and so does HHI Motorcoach Resort)

No matter where you live, there are geocaching sites out there for everyone. With 67 “caches” hidden on Hilton Head Island that is just 12 miles long and 5 miles wide it won’t take long to get to your next find. Before heading out for a day of geocaching with the kids and grandkids ask the office for the coordinates of the 4 caches hidden in Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor activity where participants using a GPS device navigate to a specific geographic coordinates then try to find hidden containers. The fun part of geocaching is discovering its location even though you might have walked past it many times or you discover a historic or geographic site you never knew was there. All you need to get started is an accurate GPS device, a good pair of outdoor shoes, and lots of imagination to figure out where the person has hidden the cache. It might be in the knot of a tree, under a lamppost in a parking lot, along a guard rail near a bridge or hanging from a string in a PVC pipe. There are thousands of unique locations and you will be impressed with the ingenuity of the geocachers who hid them.

What is a Cache?

Cache’s will always be in a waterproof container that come in all sizes and shapes. It could be a magnetic key holder, a cigar tin, Tupperware containers are popular and for big cache’s it might be an army surplus ammo can. Once found, the date discovered can be recorded in a logbook along with your “geo name” and also see if there are items to take and leave. You might get real lucky on a find and discover a cache with a travel bug or geocoin. Travel bugs look like a dog tag with a tracking number. You can enter the tracking number to see where it’s been. Geocoins do the same thing with the goal to see how far around the world it can travel.

Where Can You Geocache?

With nearly 3 million geocaches in over 180 countries pretty much anywhere. New locations are added by geocachers themselves to grow the geocache database. Most geocache sites are free and an app can be easily downloaded and begin hunting.

Geocaching Benefits

  • Educational Benefits: For children and adults of all ages, the thrill of discovery exists as one of the best experiences in life. Geocaching not only builds an individual’s confidence outdoors, but also provides the rush of discovery that is often forgotten in today’s technologically centered world. Many geocaches are located in historic or geographical important places, which can bring on exercises such as reading maps and understanding topography while also studying history.
  • Social Benefits: A geocaching team works together to find the cache. Participants hone orientation and map skills and ultimately share in a sense of accomplishment when successful. Geocachers also adhere to the “leave no trace” philosophy when outdoors. The geocache community began the initiative “Cache in Trash Out” to remove trash from outdoor areas.
  • Physical Benefits: It gets the family out and about, walking and discovering new areas. It’s ideal for all levels of physical ability with the rating system found with each cache. A recent study at Texas A & M found that on average, geocaching participants, ranging in age from 18 -77, walked 10 miles a month looking for “treasures.”


How Do I get Started Geocaching?

– Check eBay and Amazon for different models GPS receiver from Gamin, Magellan. Another option is to download the Geocaching intro app into your Smartphone, Android/iPhone, or tablets with GPS chips and download.

– To find a list of caches near you go to, enter the zip code at your current location or use the search feature on the website.

– Choose a cache that interests you. Record any details or hints or print out the coordinates of the cache. It will also tell you the difficulty of the terrain as well as the difficulty of the hide. 1 is easy terrain and easy find with 5 being the hardest. Start out finding # 1 until you get the hang of it. If you see BYOP that means “bring your own pencil.” PNG means “Park N Grab” which usually is a number 1.

– Create a waypoint in your GPS unit for the cache using the latitude and longitude coordinates from the cache webpage.

– Use your GPS “navigate” feature to produce an arrow on the screen pointing you to the waypoint you just created.

– After finding the cache, take note of the precise way the geocache has been hidden so it can be replaced in an identical fashion.

– Find the logbook, record your find and browse the trinkets or goodies within the container. You do not have to make a trade but if you do take something be sure to leave something of equal or greater value to keep the sport fair and honest.

– When returning home log into your chosen cashing website, go to “Log Your Visit” feature to record the visit with some interesting details such as who you found it with.

What are some Geocache types?

The most common is a single cache where you are looking for just one cache.

A multiple cache might be you find the first, which will give coordinates to find the second. It might be more than two with clues in each to get you to the final cache.

Ready to get started? Check out these two great resources on geocaching in the U.S.

Many states and national parks additionally have their own online resources, which a quick Google search will yield: &

Geocaching at Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort

Those who love geocaching and traveling in their Motorcoach, make plans to visit the Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort on this paradise island.  Enjoy the benefits of this top rated motorcoach resort, the beauty of the Island, and the fun of geocaching.



July 31, 2017

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Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort is the perfect place to host your next motorcoach rally. Surrounded by scenic accommodations, convenient amenities, and the natural beauty of the Island, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time. 2016 & 2017 have been great years for rally groups including visits from the Southeast Coastal Cruisers, the Peach State Allegros, the Georgia Ramblers and our friends from Entegra Motorcoach. All of those who visited our slice of Paradise were extremely happy with the natural beauty the Resort and the friendliness of the locals. Our Activities Director, Alex, helped to make the Rally Masters’ job easier by suggesting things to do in the Resort, on the Island and connecting them with the best caterers and entertainment for their special events.

The Perfect Place to Rally

Take advantage of our large clubhouse space for meetings and dinners.   Challenge your Rally group to a game of corn hole or shuffleboard outside. Not to mention, our temperature controlled swimming pool, fitness center, tennis and Pickleball courts which add even more fun to your gathering. Good Sam has honored the Resort with a perfect 10-10-10 score for many years. Our sites all offer full hookups with 50 amp electric, water, sewer, plus free cable TV, and Wi-Fi.

Continue the Rally Offsite

About a mile and a half from the front gates of the Resort, the Atlantic Ocean offers opportunities for the more adventurous. The Island has so much to offer beyond the miles of beaches; full of golf courses, spas, cruises, many miles of safe bike and interesting nature trails, and water sports, just about something for everyone in your Rally group.

If your Rally group would like to visit the Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort, please call Alex at 853-785-7699 extension 5. Your Rally group will always remember their wonderful trip to our Resort on this Paradise Island.

July 3, 2017

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Tennis at Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort

By Pam Eckart, owner at HHIMR

Calling fellow motorcoach owners who are tennis fans and players!  Are you looking for some competitive tennis action or just want to hit the ball around with some friends?  Then HHIMR is the place for you.  We have six (6) Har-Tru tennis courts (two of which are striped for Pickle Ball, another popular racket sport).

You will find mixed doubles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and even a few singles matches going on any given morning in the summer and fall, and afternoons in winter and spring.  There is every skill level out on the courts; folks just learning the game, some who are fine tuning their skill level, and others who just want to have fun with friends.

Tennis Competitions

Twice a year during owners’ week, among other activities, we have a 2-day, round robin tennis tournament.  Owners and rental guests alike are invited to compete for the top honors. HHIMR is honored to host regional and national collegiate tennis tournaments.  We also are hosts to the Annual Wheelchair tennis tournament. All those players are very impressive and very skilled tennis players.  But most of the time, tennis at HHIMR is just a great way to get out, get some exercise and meet other wonderful people!

Join Us for Tennis at HHIMR

So as you travel the country in your motorcoach, class A, super B or C, looking for a wonderful place to get a few sets of tennis in, check out HHIMR.  Beyond the chance to play tennis, you will also discover Hilton Head Island and our incredible Resort.  We look forward to seeing you on the courts!


June 20, 2017

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Pickleball – A Fun Game for All Ages

Pickleball Paddles and Ball at Hilton Head Island

A History of Pickleball

Pickleball was started in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride from Seattle, Washington. It was designed to be easy to learn and play whether you are five or eighty-five, or somewhere in-between, with one thing in mind: FUN! Three dads came home from golf to find their kids bored with their usual summertime activities. So they set out to create a game that would get the kids engaged. They took some ping-pong paddles, a whiffle ball, lowered the net on their badminton court to the height of a tennis net. The kids found it difficult to hit a three-inch whiffle ball with a lightweight ping-pong paddle so the dads solved this problem by making larger wooden paddles.

The Rules of Pickleball

A Grandfather on Hilton Head Island Teaches his grandson how to play Pickleball

The more the parents and kids played, the rules started to develop. A player could hit the ball on the bounce as well as out of the air, the serve must be served from the waist down, and, to keep players from standing to close to the net, the non-volley zone (kitchen) was established seven feet back from the net on each side. Players were allowed to enter “the kitchen” if the ball bounced first. To make it fair for both sides, the ball must bounce once on both sides before it can be hit in the air with no bounce.

How Pickleball Got Its Name

How did the founders come up with the name pickleball? It just so happened that one family had a cocker spaniel named “Pickles” who seemed to love to grab the whiffle balls and hide with them in the bushes, because you see, Pickle thought it was his ball. The new mantra of the kids became “Pickles, you bring that back that ball right now.” And, as they say, the rest is history.

Pickle ball continued to gain in popularity and in 1972 was officially incorporated to give the game a proper hub and keep up with the demand for paddles, balls, nets and other gear. Today, the game is played all over the world in PE classes, YMCA, retirement communities and public tennis courts converted to pickleball courts. There are over two million people playing pickle ball in the US alone, and the game is growing exponentially. It’s the fastest growing sport in the country. In 1984, the US Pickleball Association became the governing body of the sport and published it first official rules book. The sport has greatly expanded in retirement communities all over the country but especially Arizona and Florida. It’s slowly working its way to the Northeast with many cities taking out half of the tennis courts and installing two or three pickle ball courts in the same area as one tennis court.

Hilton Head Island has many courts in different plantations but Sun City and Palmetto Dunes seem to have the most courts designed for just pickleball. The only RV resort on the island, Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort, has six courts and can expand to 18 courts as interest increases. It’s not uncommon in the fall and spring, to see owners and guests playing on all six courts in the morning. The sound of pickelballs hitting paddles is the give away sign it’s time to go join the fun. If you are a regular or a first timer, all are welcome.

Play Pickleball at Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort

Two couples playing Pickleball on Hilton Head IslandSo, come to the courts and enjoy the fun. There are plenty of people willing to share the simple rules and teach you how to play. Absolutely no experience in racket sports is necessary, but if you have played racket sports you will find this a great new sport to pick up quickly. Many players have extra rackets and balls that they will gladly loan to play with us. If you want to play on your own, balls and paddles can be checked out in the office for some private practice time with your partner. So when you plan a trip to Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort, remember to bring your bikes to explore the 50 miles of bike trails, your bathing suits for the beach 1.5 miles away (where you can also ride bikes) and your pickleball gear for a good learning experience and workout with owners and fellow guests.

May 12, 2017

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9 Ways to Spend Your Time at
Hilton Head Motorcoach Resort
(without ever leaving “Paradise”)


It’s amazing how many first-time guests come to Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort, (the only resort on the Island exclusive to Class A & C coaches), make a reservation for two nights, and end up extending their stay.

Because Hilton Head Island offers something for all ages, the longer you stay, the more you realize how much there is to do and how just one quick trip won’t suffice.

Charles Frazier’s vision for the Island from its infancy was to make it environmentally sound, but also make it a “destination” that families would enjoy coming to visit. And he did just that.

The weather here allows for nine months of peak season, there are over 60 miles of bike trails (on a 5 mile by 12-mile island) and the famous beaches are incredible. However, it’s the eateries with world-class chefs, outdoor adventurous activities, nightclubs and golf courses that really set the Island apart from the usual.

While there is so much to do on the Island, the real paradise is within the Resort. Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort is located on 50 acres and packs a punch with 400 sites. However, it’s the luxury amenities and the community atmosphere that give it the distinction of being called “the finest coastal resort in the country.” The Resort gets top ratings in all the RV publications and is rated on many blogs as one of the top 10 luxury RV resorts in the country.

But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself!


  1. 1 Playing Tennis and Pickleball
    We have six courts, so if you love tennis or pickleball, you’ve come to the right place! Most mornings, you’ll find tennis and pickleball players gathered for pick up games.Tennis at Hilton Head Island Motor Coach Resorts
  2. 2 Family Fun
    Very close to the tennis courts is a basketball court. Shoot some hoops, try your hand at shuffleboard or enjoy watching your kids/grand kids on the playground!
    Kids playground at Hilton Head Island Motor Coach Resort
  3. 3 Relaxing in the Two-Story Clubhouse
    Central to the Resort is a two-story clubhouse.  The first floor has high-end rest rooms and showers, an exercise room, laundry, TV, library, and tables for card playing or checking emails.The second floor of the clubhouse is where the main events take place, including Saturday morning breakfast, themed dinner nights and trivia nights.  There are also movies to borrow, a large screen TV over the fireplace for watching big sporting events and a pool table.
    Pools abound on Hilton Head Island's only RV Resort
  4. 4 Lounging Poolside
    Around the clubhouse is a heated resort-style pool with a hot tub.  We even offer water aerobics during the summer! In addition, there is a small kitchen and a Snack Shack that sells sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers on Thursdays and Fridays for reasonable prices.
    Lounge in the pools at Hilton Head Island Motor Coach Resort.
  5. 5 Biking
    Stop by the office to see three different bike rally options before heading to the beach, Palmetto Bay Marina, or Shelter Cove.  It’s fun for adults and children to see places you’d normally miss if you went to these locations.
    Biking on Hilton Head Island
  6. 6 Activities
    The Resort activities director will also keep you busy with bike rides to different locations twice a week, Ma Jong, Mexican Train, crafts, knitting and crochet groups are other options. We have happy hours, holiday celebrations and delicious themed dinners that’ll make you love our community atmosphere!
    Indoor Games and Activities at Hilton Head Island Motor Coach Resort.
  7. 7 Meet and Greet
    Fridays starting at 5:30 p.m., come with your favorite beverage and a snack to the clubhouse for Meet and Greet.  Get to know fellow owners and guests and hangout with old friends!
    Social Get togethers at Hilton Head Island Motor Coach Resort
  8. 8 Geocaching
    If you enjoy geocaching there are four objects hidden in the Resort for you to find.  You can get the coordinates from activities director Alex. Good luck!
    Geo-Coaching on Hilton Head Island
  9. 9 Wi-Fi
    Enjoy free wi-fi and cable with high definition channels at your site. This amenity is rarely seen at many RV resorts.
    Hilton Head Island Motor Coach Resort is paradise.


Discover Hilton Head Island
at the only Motorcoach Resort in this paradise!


April 4, 2017

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Discovering Hilton Head Island by Bicycle!

Map of Hilton Head Island Bike Paths
Years ago, when my wife and I first visited the beautiful Motorcoach Resort on Hilton Head Island in our motorhome, we did not realize what a treasure we had found.  At that time, we had two road bikes with us and decided to ride around the Island. These bikes were lightweight, 21-speed and ready to fly!

We heard that Hilton Head Island was god but recently learned it is rated as a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community by the American League of Bicyclists. We learned it offered more than 60 miles of multi-use trails connecting us to everywhere we wanted to go, including those beautiful beaches just a short ride away from the Resort. And if you’re looking to ride with a group, HHI Motorcoach Resort offers weekly rides for bikers of all levels. With The Bike Doctor nearby as a Preferred Business at the Resort and another nearly 30 bicycle rental shops offering approximately 15,000 bicycles for rent—in addition to visitors who bring personal bicycles with them on vacation—the wheels are always in motion on Hilton Head Island!  And why not, just look at this map of bike paths available to us!

That first day, we took our great road bikes, left the Resort and found some wonderful bike paths which ran adjacent to the major roads but were tucked safely away from any vehicular traffic. We work out often and can get our bicycles up to speed quickly. We were going to ride the entire Island’s bike paths and needed to go fast to do it that one day. That was our first mistake.

On more than one instance, we nearly ran over people on cruiser bicycles or just slower riders. Our bikes were too fast for the beautiful paths that crossed this Paradise Island. It did not take long to realize that we were not riding on “Island  Time.” We were still hustling on our bikes instead of slowing down and appreciating the wonderful scenery around us. We have since left those road bicycles at our home in northeast Tennessee and purchased two cruiser bikers on which we could enjoy Hilton Head Island.

Statue of the Hilton Head Island developer Charles Fraser to an alligatorIt is an amazing thing that one does not need a car when you have a bike on Hilton Head Island. We love that we can ride out of the Motorcoach Resort on our cruiser bicycles and travel across the Island in a matter of minutes. We can ride along Pope Avenue, past the statue depicting the famous 1953 photo of famed developer Charles Fraser walking next to an alligator.

Following the bike path off Pope Avenue, we are soon at Coligny Beach area. With our aluminum cruiser bikes, we can ride on the beach at low tide for miles north or south.

A Female bike rider on Hilton Head Island.One direction, we fight the head wind but the breeze is great in the warm sunlight. Sometimes, we will turn back to have the wind at our backs as we ride along the beach. Now, while it is not proper to ride into Sea Pine from the beach, we have heard some people do this dastardly deed.   Okay, we have done it too. As we ride through this lush, tropical residential area, we often ride to Harbor Town to visit the dock there, the historic lighthouse and our favorite store offering ice cream and my favorite Peach Pecan Amaretto Preserves. We always stop in for a couple of jars.

At Harbor Town, we have a favorite activity with the kayaking into the Sound.

A Woman kayaks around Hilton Head IslandWe have left early in the morning before to go out, kayaking and watch the dolphins swim past us. We also get a great history and environmental lesson as we paddle in our kayaks, a gentle breeze on the water keeping us comfortable. And this is within a short bike ride from the Resort.

Riding back towards the Island on the Sea Pines bike paths, winding graciously and safely away from the main roads, we will take a detour to visit the South Beach Marina with its Salty Dog Cafe and shops. There is an incredible sunset cruise from the Salty Dog with drinks and hors devours which we took last summer.

The cruise took us out into the Calibogue Sound where we saw dolphins frolicking in the water as the sun dropped behind the trees off to our west.

We would not have found the cruise if we had not ridden to the South Beach Marina.

Cruise Ship pose on Hilton HeadHeading on the bike paths toward the Greenwood Gate, we rode past Lawton Stables. Not big equestrians, at least in experience, we were not sure what this business could offer us.  If you want to learn about the Low Country eco-system, you should check out their trail rides. The trail rides take you on an informative trip through the low country of the Island riding a horse on a leisurely ride. And, either before you leave or after you return, be sure to visit their petting zoo on site. Fun for young and old.

We head back towards the Resort and stop in at the popular Aunt Chilada’s to meet friends and grab one of their daily taco specials. We had two Fish (Grouper) Tacos for $4.50 each that day. A nice snack after riding close to 16 miles. We had many other choices like The Sea Shack or Signes Bakery or Annie O’s or Captain Woody’s or…well, you get the picture. Your food choices are endless and all within a short bike ride from the Resort.

Riding the trails, you pass many others who have come to the Island to enjoy the tranquil tropical settings, the beauty of the beach, the magnificence of the ever pounding ocean, the ability to let time move slower on Island Time and realize there is so much more to everyday life than just busy-ness. You will pass people older, younger, with kids in tow, pulling their dogs in a stroller, walking hand in hand, getting their daily jog in, people you know from your hometown, others you don’t. But to each, you say a warm hello and continue to cycle along the well designed bike paths towards your final destination.

Dolphin near Hilton Head IslandRiding back into the Resort, we are not tired from our ride but truly refreshed. We are ready to enjoy some of the amenities of the HHI Motorcoach Resort, be it an afternoon of pickle ball or tennis, laying by the gorgeous pool, walking our four-legged family members or visiting with other owners in the Resort. We also find ourselves leaving our car at our site on those days we head out to explore Hilton Head Island. No need to burn any fossil fuels or get stressed out on the roadways.

Just get on your cruiser bike and ride.   It is a great way to Discover Hilton Head Island, a Paradise Island and one of the nation’s finest motorcoach resorts, the Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort.

February 20, 2017

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How To Impress Your Valentine

Valentine Day 2017 is coming!  Are you ready?  Do you need an idea or two about a great Valentine gift?  You’re a true romantic who is looking at more than a box of chocolates or dozen roses.  You want something really special that will create a memory for many years to come.

We have the perfect gift – Hilton Head Island.

Yes, Hilton Head Island.  It is back, stronger than ever after last Fall’s bout with Hurricane Matthew.  This Island Paradise offers you a romantic getaway for RVers with one of the finest motorcoach resorts in the country – the Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort as well as it beautiful beaches, award winning bike trails, world class restaurants, … well, let’s take a quick review of the things you and your loved one will enjoy about a romantic getaway in your motorcoach to Hilton Head Island and HHIMR.


In a recent Trip Advisor survey of couples, 21% stated that a beach trip was their favorite getaway venue.  Laying out in the sun with your loved one, taking leisurely walks hand in hand, the scent of the ocean but not just any beach for your loved one!   If you are looking for a wonderful beach, be sure to include Hilton Head Island on that list.  ROMANTIC TIP:  The beach at Hilton Head Island is a wonderful breakfast spot, snuggling on a blanket, watching the sunrise one beautiful morning. In the evening, it is another relaxing place to walk hand-in-hand to the sounds of the surf.  Did you know the HHIMR is less than 2 miles from the best beaches on Hilton Head Island?  When you wish to get off the beach, you can swim, kayak, canoe or take a cruise in the Sound or off the Coast for fun and discovering our resident marine life, including the beloved bottle-nosed dolphin.  But what about those who want a faster mode of travel?


The Town of Hilton Head Island is recognized as one of the top 25 bicycle-friendly communities in the United States and one of 21 to achieve the Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community (BFCsm) award from the League of American Bicyclists. But if you don’t bring a bike with you, don’t worry.  Hilton Head Island has many bicycle rental businesses to meet the needs of our guests.  The Bike Doctor, for example, gives $5 off its rentals to our guests at HHIMR.  Bike riding on the Island is very popular on the bike trails and on the beach!  At low tide, couples can often be seen riding their cruiser bikes on the beach from the North Side to Coligny Beach to Sea Pines or on any of the incredible bike trails around HHI.   Biking is not only healthy for you but also fun as you can each ride a bike or rent a bicycle built for two!


After spending time on the beach, then riding around the Island, you will build up quite an appetite.  So what are you hungry for; BBQ, seafood, steaks, fine dining, take out or a pizza on the beach at sunset?  You can even have your romantic dinner cruising on the Calibogue Sound or off the Coast.  The variety is endless in Hilton Head but world class chefs live on this Island Paradise so whatever your tastes, you will find a restaurant here ready to cook up your meal!

Signes Bakery on Arrow Road offers her famous stuffed French toast, seen on the Food Network, which was Rachel Ray’s favorite!  Aunt Chilada’s Easy Street Cafe has delicious tacos – and we mean all types of tacos from Fried Grouper, Pulled Pork, Grilled Mahi, Avocado – for as little as $4.50!   Annie O’s Southern Eats, just outside HHIMR, was voted HHI’s best southern food.  They currently have a BOGO special throughout February 28 and they offer pick up on their Supper Club meals.

If you desire a little vino before or during your meal, our restaurants offer the finest wines for your selection but the Island also boasts excellent wineries and vineyards for the discriminating wine connoisseur.  And for dessert?  There are outstanding selections for ice cream, frozen yogurt, bakery specialties and more.  After indulging in all of the culinary treats from breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night, you and your love might wish to get back on those bicycles!  🙂


Looking for classical music?  Our Hilton Head Symphony offers concerts this year offering Lowcountry Pops (February), Mendelssohn (March), Braham’s A German Requiem (April) and Beethoven Seventh Symphony (May).  If you are looking for a little Broadway on the Coast, check out the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina with their productions this year of Leading Ladies (February), Sister Act (April-May) and Mama Mia (June-August).

The Arts Center also offers a Presenting Series of one-night performances featuring stars from Broadway such as Laura Osnes, another night with the Broadway Tenors and many more.  Plus there are many more offerings to enjoy from community theaters, live bands, dancing the night away and making memories singing Karaoke to your loved one.  Not saying what kind of memories, though.


Beyond all that this Island Paradise offers, when you bring your motorcoach to the HHIMR, we also offer many popular activities throughout the week, a Fitness Center, a great pool, first class tennis courts, Pickelball, basketball, Wi-Fi and a comprehensive cable lineup if you should choose to stay in one evening for an evening of TV.  If you are in the Resort on a Friday evening at 5:30pm, stop in at the Clubhouse for their Meet and Greet with owners and other guests.  They will also have some other local favorite spots you might wish to check out.

So as you look for ideas for a special Valentine Day gift, think about a special trip to this Island Paradise we call Hilton Head Island.  Even if the gift is not for a trip in February, when you do visit in the warmer months of 2017, you can count on a memorable time on Hilton Head Island and the Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort.  See you soon and Safe Travels!

January 23, 2017

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Relaxing on Hilton Head Island



When Teresa and I were first considering RVing, we heard some real nightmares from others.  We watched the movie “RV” with Robin Williams.  We saw many of the issues new RVers encounter with their machines.  We still watch that movie for some good laughs. We heard about how RVs could become serious money pits.  We heard driving those monster vehicles in traffic was terrifying and frustrating as you sat in hours of traffic burning diesel fuel.  Still, we were thrilled to have an RV and experience this lifestyle.  But it was not until we left our corporate roles which took up 60-80 hours a week, that we really learned how stress less RVing can be.



Stress less?  Truly, it has been for us.  It can be for you but one needs to have the correct mindset with the following five suggestions.

First, we retired young from our corporate roles.  We loved the people with whom we worked, we loved the work we did and there was a lot of work to do each day but it was time to change our lives for personal reasons (check out the blog “Let’s Start at the Beginning”).   I was 55 and Teresa was 18 (that’s what she tells me every birthday, that she is 18 again but some might say she was 49).

We were RVing during the last few years of our corporate roles, usually weekend or week long trips.   It could get stressful taking trips and knowing we HAD to be back by a day and time for work.  Leaving our 60-80 hours a week jobs changed our lives a great deal.  Our days used to begin at 5am with our work outs so we could get to the office before 8am.  Now we work out in the morning after we get 8 hours of sleep.  Many of the Resorts we visit, like the Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort, offer fitness centers with exercise and weights.  It seems getting enough sleep really helps one relax and decrease stress.  Retiring is not sitting on the front porch watching life go by but going out and living!  RVing helps us do just that.  We were even told, if you get bored after retiring, it is your own fault.  Get out and live life!

Second, which might sound strange after the first point, but slow down!  Now that one is retired and rested (getting 8 hours of sleep), realize there is little to nothing to make one be in a hurry to get somewhere.  Here on Hilton Head Island, they call time, “Island Time.”  You seem to slow down naturally on the Island.  As we travel in our RV now, we have intentionally slowed down. We do not drive faster than 60 mph in our motor home on the highway for safety, fuel economy and to decrease stress.  In our car(s), we drive the speed limit.  It is amazing how much stress you take out of your life when you slow down.  We are not in a hurry anymore but, let me be clear, we are not late to appointments.  We just give ourselves plenty of time.  And if we are in a traffic jam and have been at a dead stop in traffic for hours, we fire up the generator, made a snack and watched some satellite TV.

Hilton Head Island LighhouseThird, when things go wrong, and things WILL go wrong, remain calm.  We were at a beach location preparing to leave for our next destination when one of our larger slides would not go in.  As we could not leave with a slide left out, we could have gotten upset about this delay.  Why waste the energy?  We called a couple of mobile services until we found one who could come out and help with the situation.  We were able to get the slide back in and did not put it out at our next stop.  We got a new motor for that slide during our annual maintenance work.  We are fortunate we have so much room when one slide is not working so we just leave it in for the time being.  Bottom line, work with the situation and move forward in a positive manner.  Also, budget for mechanical issues so you are not stressed out over the repair bill.

Fourth, because we are well rested (8 hours of sleep, ya’ know), take our time when we travel, don’t let things going wrong dictate our attitude, we can appreciate the many blessings in our lives as we RV around the country.  We are all blessed so much more than we deserve thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Right there we need not stress about the little things in life but appreciate all that we have in front of us.  Here on the Island, we love going to the beach to watch the sunrise.  We also enjoy playing Pickelball with friends at the Resort.  Like the song says, “Count Your Blessings”. It is true that doing that decreases stress and improves your outlook on life.  One of our blessings is our site in the Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort and all the amenities offered here.  But all of these things would have been difficult to impossible to do if we had not started to RV.

Finally, we realized that much of our stress was self-induced.  We put goals, timelines, deadlines, expectations on ourselves and many times, created the stress that was driving our blood pressure and anxiety levels up.   We would get worried about things we pretty much created.  Today, we realize we should not worry.  In the Bible, Matthew 6:25-34 tells us not to worry, ending with “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  When we retired, we found we did not have to worry.  We will take care of our priorities, plan our days, get things done as we can. No need to worry, no need to stress.  Time to RV!

So, if and when you want to really go RVing, one can do so with little to no stress.

Give yourself time to RV.  If you are still working and not retired, plan your RV trips, giving yourself plenty of time to travel there and back.  And if you plan to visit Hilton Head Island, please know things here are on “Island Time”.  You slow down and enjoy your time here!  No matter where you travel, try to enjoy the RV and slow down as you travel for the safety of your loved ones.  After you retire, you can really slow down to decrease any stress.  When things break, or go wrong, remain calm as you have time to get it fixed.  Don’t worry about tomorrow but appreciate the blessings you have around you today.



The Blessings Of RVing

Doing these things will help you appreciate the blessings of RVing and bring you great joy in the days to come.  We do as we keep Loving the Lifestyle!

By Ed and Teresa Herbert owners, Site 200

January 11, 2017

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